Successful and Predictable Branding

Successful and Predictable Branding Success

Profitable advertising, marketing, promotions don’t just happen by accident! Successful and predictable branding requires an awareness of both your clients and your practice.

The cornerstone of business prosperity is a proper strategy which yields both successful and predictable marketing campaigns. Most importantly, an effective brand strategy gives you a significant edge in increasingly competitive markets.

What if every time you send an email to your client, that email was received by that recipient with excitement? An indispensable aspect of successful and predictable marketing includes superior branding.

First of all, we need to establish the fact that you are your brand, and your brand is you!

Therefore, a properly developed brand identifies you as the absolute “go-to” professional in the area. Accurately achieved, your reward is a stable, dependable, and programmable response and communication rate.

“Traditional” advertising seems to fall into a “group-thinking” mentality and philosophy. In particular, many sources espouse dominating via social media. While this may be true, no one is speaking about what you must say to separate and distinguish your brand.

In other words, you must embrace unique strategies to develop your Authority Brand. For this reason, you must become the “resident expert” in your field. Create great divides, gaps, and chasms between you and every other professional in town.


Every time you send out marketing pieces, such as a targeted email (for example), make sure it’s compelling, authoritative, and filled with purpose! You want your emails to get opened, get read, and begin establishing long-lasting business relationships! Your messages must allure new clients and deepen connections with existing clients. Persuasive and well-written content ultimately results in more profits which enhances your bottom line!

Successful and Predictable Branding Incidentally, your correspondences should always be even stronger to your existing clients — you don’t want them stolen away by your competitors.

At this point, you may be thinking “I don’t have time to do any of this.” For many business owners, there’s very little time left over to think about or act on, their gaps in marketing. For many small and medium-sized businesses, investing in marketing is an afterthought. According to multiple advertising studies, one in five of these businesses doesn’t even use digital marketing yet.

Now is the perfect time to take a brief sidebar; if writing in creating content is not your forte, seriously consider forming a relationship with a freelance writer — your business depends on it. A freelance marketer helps companies find their voice, build their brand and close deals, leaving owners more time to focus on growing their business and nursing essential client relationships. Actually, finding the right writer is a must for firms looking to stand out from competitors and taking their business to the next level.

Back on point; your message has a specific purpose — to create strong bridges between you and your clients. Therefore, you need to incorporate robust, comprehensive systems [software] into your daily operating procedures. Invest in proven tools, crafted by uniquely qualified, experienced and talented professionals and companies. Avoid “pre-packaged,” “cookie-cutter,” “miracle-in-a-box” marketing solution from the corner store.


Until now, we haven’t discussed the purpose and understanding of marketing. Marketing is the study of how and why people buy things. That said, people buy things to satisfy their self-interests (a.k.a., What’s in it for me?).

Do a client inventory; separate your client base based on particular services you provide each one. You will quickly begin to see a pattern.

Then, you need to speak precisely to your clients’ wants and needs. For example, if you’re a plastic surgeon, target those people with botched rhinoplasties. If you’re a tax attorney, your focus will be those clients with business income and clarifying income reporting responsibilities. Or, if you’re a CPA working with family-owned businesses, you would speak to them about succession planning, etc.

Now, communicate why you do what you do. Allow me to use Disney Corporation to illustrate the point. There is no doubt that there are many amusement parks throughout the country (many with far more scary roller coasters).

Mr. Disney acknowledged that he wasn’t in the amusement park industry; he was in the magical experience industry. His mission was to convert a middle-aged person, with a mortgage, and work concerns into a carefree 12-year-old by transporting them onto a remarkable all-day journey.

Thus, it is your job as well to convey to your clients that you are more than what you do. Explain why you do what you do, and lead with it. Create an atmosphere where you don’t just generate clients; you form allegiances (members of a common tribe).


Although there are no shortages of promotional platform options, consider using vehicles that provide the highest return on investment (ROI). Begin with the most basic, most used, and most often squandered touch point, your emails.

A fact taught in every business school in the country: It costs seven times more to sell to a new client than to keep an existing one. Statistically speaking, the actual cost of acquiring is between five to ten times more than retaining an existing one. Not only that, but repeat consumers spend, on average, 67% more.

Your email starts daily conversations with your clients; are they [emails] random guessing games blindly looking for the target? Think about this; if your emails are weak, chances are the rest of your marketing is no better!

Successful and Predictable Branding We are all judged by our performance and our appearance. However unfair, if your presence is lacking, you may not get a chance to perform!

Another seldom discussed issue (but no less critical) is the loss of your clients. Unless you are an international brand, you are subject to the finite nature of geographical boundaries. What does that mean? You don’t have an infinite number of possible clients. As such, to gain market dominance, competitors have to compete for available clients within their backyards. Said differently, for you to grow you must confiscate your competitor’s clientele. Likewise, if your marketing efforts are weak, your clients will be removed from your firm by your rival!

With respect, every doctor, attorney, CPA, etc. in your area is your rival. That adversary is waiting and watching for you to stumble; at which time, they will move in on your clientele.

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion, or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up; you’d better be running. — Thomas Friedman

Either by accident or design, too many professionals commit these significant mistakes with their communication efforts:

  • Far too many think that ANY communication is better than NO communication at all.
  • They put no thought or care into the marketing or communication pieces they send out.
  • Too many professionals approach their advertising campaign completely backward, they only send out generic industry pieces.
  • Finally, they’re surprised that no one reads their information or responds to their calls to action.

In other words, there is no conscious regard for what their clients’ want or need. Amazingly, they’re blindsided when no one wants to read those pieces and eventually leave when a better offer is presented.

Another reason is that too many owners practice a “churn and burn” approach for their marketing campaigns. For instance, promotional pieces are sent and bombard with non-specific clutter. Think of it this way, you sell cars, and you send compact car information to someone who’s looking for trucks.

These dispassionate efforts lead to a fatigued list that no longer cares about the sender. Naturally, eventually if not corrected, that business stream dies down.

Most importantly, never lose sight of the fact this group of current clients represents your most profitable pool of business! Current clients keep your doors open; and, invest more on additional services.

By contrast, successful marketers communicate with these clients with authority (either both written and verbal)! Everything they send out is highly targeted! They know what their clientele wants; then they deliver extremely focused information. Your message too must be part of a scientific marketing machine! The mechanism must continually be creating predictable and robust results for your business over and over, year after year!

Additionally, besides the immediate benefit of keeping your clients, you will also put yourself in a position to benefit from potential endorsement marketing opportunities.

Imagine having access to hundreds of new clients; each one referred to you as a preferred business provider. Receiving the endorsement of the other professionals has been practiced for thousands of years. However, you will only benefit from the influences of another professional if your follow-up is tight and on point.

In conclusion, the way you communicate, who you target, and what you say is paramount to your success. None of what we discussed is possible unless you finely tune your marketing machine and boost your client relations platform!

We speak with many doctors, attorneys, CPAs who want to improve the quality and quantity of their practices. Frankly, by the time they call on us, they’re not happy with their past results.

If you’re also unhappy with your current results, we believe we have a unique solution for your firm. Again, we would like to teach you how to transform your marketing campaign. Let’s have a 20-minute conversation; let’s figure out your needs. With your permission and our nearly 30 years of experience, we will apply field-tested systems for building your brand.

We will discuss creating reliable and predictable relationships with your clients and developing your unique voice in the marketplace. Specifically, we will focus on transforming your client-relations methods into cost-effective strategies. Also, we will establish procedures to reinvigorate your “burned out” list.

We invite you to call us, 951.274.6481.

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