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Hate writing? Too busy to stay on top of client communication? You can now take all those promotional pieces, special reports, targeted emails, blogs, and articles, etc. off your plate with one simple phone call!

Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies

Our firm provides many more services beyond advertising, promotional pieces, and marketing.  We also offer an educational element.

Over this past nearly three decades, many things that become crystal-clear; not the least of which is, no matter how effective the job we’ve done, many times our clients ask us to provide them with detailed information to help them enhance their abilities within their promotional realm.

  • Therefore, we made available a series of instructive pieces so they could reference and continue to grow their businesses.
  • Additionally, we also arrange and deliver (with your company’s information) specific and detailed marketing tactics booklets to offer to help your sales staff to improve and enhance the number of clients and prospects they see, the clients they retain, and the repeat business they acquire.
  • We also help your firm with promotional approaches to stay in front of your highly valued clients so as to provide, keep, and deepen your relationships for years of ongoing business affiliations.

Below is a brief list of the marketing strategy services we provide.

Much of what we do involves coaching. We teach our client how to improve their promotional efforts by providing a series of “single-problem/single-solution” articles. These articles are written in the same format that has allowed us to be published in many national and regional publications; I invite you to review our written voice portion of the website. These educational pieces are provided below, by category and by specific article written.

Advertising Strategies

Maximize your Advertising Budget and Effectiveness! If you don’t have an unlimited supply of Advertising Budget!resources to devote to your promotional efforts, you must weigh quality versus quantity. You need to ask yourself the following: “How many of the inquisitive convert into actual patients?” While you ponder that question, you must also ask yourself this: “Are you creating multiple touch points with your existing patients?

If you want to improve your return on investment (ROI), you need to categorize your target audience. Specifically, you need to identify which segment of your audience is most profitable.  Read more

Superior advertisingThe sole purpose of advertising is to generate higher profits for your medical services.  Unless your ad convinces the prospect to pick up the phone and come into your clinic, your ad is useless. Read more

Business Dominance

Successful and Predictable Branding Success – A properly Successful and Predictable Brandingdeveloped brand identifies you as the absolute “go-to” professional in the area. Accurately achieved, your reward is a stable, dependable, and programmable response and communication rate.

“Traditional” advertising seems to fall into a “group-thinking” mentality and philosophy. In particular, many sources espouse dominating via social media. While this may be true, no one is speaking about what you must say to separate and distinguish your brand,… Read more

Learn Proven Tips to Use Your Branding & Standout and Get Genuine Practice Dominance! Read more

Client/Patient Buying Cycles

Reconnect with Lost Patients – You let your Client/patient buying cyclespatient relationships lapse; financially speaking, “No Bueno”! To save your bottom-line, you need to develop a plan to get them back — you need to reconnect!

If you’ve been in business any amount of time, you have had patients that have merely floated away. That may be bad, or it may be good; especially since every business owner has the right to filter out those patients that create stress and anxiety. However, many excellent and profitable patients go away in the frenzy of trying to build a successful practice; which is precisely why you must make every to re-connect. This piece is written with a single purpose in mind, to help you get back those right patients, create long-lasting professional relationships, and increase your profits. Read more

Content Marketing

Magnify your Business-to-Business Marketing Success
business-to-business marketingIn a crowded marketplace, where your potential clients have lots of choices, they don’t “need” to use or stay with you!

This means that your business-to-business marketing MUST be tight and stand out as the very best option available. This article is written precisely with this concept in mind. However, there is one small but vital caveat; we’ve been discussing how you can enhance your business-to-business relationships (B2B) to increase your client connections and credibility. Read more

  Advertising successIt’s not your advertising; it’s your content, it’s weak, so your ads fail! Learn proven tips for creating a killer message.

The fact is that most promotional/advertising messages fail. The problem isn’t advertising though; ads fail because of ineffective messaging. Too many doctors believe that all they need to do is deliver a laundry list of services they provide. That approach to content doesn’t work. Multiple psychological studies show that most people don’t remember lists and bullet points. Conversely, if we can connect with and understand something (like a good story) … Read more

Competitive Advantage

“Secrets” for Creating Powerful Ads“Secrets” for Creating Powerful Ads – Without a doubt; every business owner and sales or marketing director wants to write successful and profitable ads. The question is “how do you write a fruitful and prosperous ad?” — all the while highlighting your competitive advantages versus your business rivals. In this article, you will learn the “secrets” for creating powerful ads and marketing pieces.

The whole purpose of investing your budget on an ad is to get consumers to read your ad and call your number. However, if your ad doesn’t attract attention, then the rest of your content won’t be read either. Therefore, you will have not only wasted your money, but you’ve missed out on untold amounts of money from future clients who really needed and wanted your services. Read more

How do you stand out in gap marketingyour industry? Do your patients know you’re the best option around? Learn these key Gap marketing skills so you can dominate your market; also, learn how you how to expand your marketing reach by establishing yourself, and your practice, as a regional expert in the medical field.  Read more 

Becoming the Resident Expert

More and Better Patients5 Proven Strategies for Attracting More and Better Patients – Are sick and tired of playing marketing–roulette with no guarantee of results? Are you concerned that you have become just another face in the crowd? Worse, do you feel you have you become a commodity? Well, worry no more; this article contains proven methods for attracting more and better patients!

The communication you use and the content you provide will distinguish you with your current patients as the local expert. It’s about targeting your market and developing a reputation as a great resource, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and close-at-hand authority. By establishing yourself in this manner, … Read more

The Expert Statusmost fundamental truth about business, including the medical profession (especially when speaking of medical clinics), is the fact it’s a never-ending competition to excel and succeed! With that in mind, you must create unique opportunities to draw the limelight to yourself. Read more

More Business, Without Advertising

law of attractionApplying the Law of Attraction: Transform ordinary ads into profitable advertising endeavors. Learn how to apply specific techniques to realize your goals, create quantitative plans and expectations, make your objectives attainable, and be more conscious of your thoughts, emotions, and actions by attaching specific timelines for achievement at each step. 

You must decide what your ideal practice would look like. Would it be a practice that is driven by devoted and steadfast patients? A practice fed by repeat purchases, providing additional services to existing patients and a constant and over-flowing supply of referrals? Read more

By the time More clients without advertisingmany clients arrive at our doorstep, they’re extremely frustrated! They are tired of spending thousands of dollars on traditional advertising without getting the results … Read more

Referral Marketing

5 Proven Strategies for Building Your Referral Business – Business professionals, worldwide, Building your referral businessbuilt their success on forming and nurturing referral partnerships since time infinitum. Subsequently, the most powerful of these referral relationships creates mutual benefits built-in to those alliances.

This is precisely the point of this article! We intend to show you how to create stronger ties with your medical colleagues. Additionally, this piece will teach you how to provide higher value and separate yourself from other doctors also seeking referrals. Many clinic owners give no thought to the fact that success in business is an on-going competition for survival! To thrive, you need to implement intentionality! Every day, you must build into your calendar a plan and action to generate more and better patient leads. Read more

Reputation Management

Save Your Reputation from Fake Reviews! It’s been said that it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. But, what if that bad deed isn’t true? How do you take back your good name?

Let’s face it, a bad review is generally well earned. If you have built your business on unscrupulous, undependable, or slap-shot quality, you deserve that others find out. But what if you didn’t do anything wrong? What if you’re the victim of a malicious attack? How do you get back your reputation and your standing in the community? Read more

Client Reviews

You can’t transform or build up your reputation by anything you say about yourself. You will solidify your status on what others say about you!

Daniel Sosnoski, Editor in chief, Chiropractic Economics Magazine

I always have a spot for an article on the Law of Attraction. This is extremely popular with doctors of chiropractic because most of them have read Napoleon Hill's "How to Think and Grow Rich." Your article is excellent, ...

Dr. James Timmoney

Thank You, from the bottom of my heart! Although my practice is doing extremely well now, there was a time when I really thought my doors were going to close.” You found several untapped profit centers that I completely overlooked. Thanks to your streamlined systems, the new patients, referrals, and profits poured in. Thanks a million,

Chris White, Regional Marketing manager, Moldin Accounting, Inc.

Great books! Lots of helpful information and very well written. A great resource!

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