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As a freelance writer, I’m passionate about crafting engaging, memorable content that drives web traffic, converts leads into clients, and helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and other professionals to establish themselves as leaders in their respective industries.

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Freelance writingWith precious few exceptions, spending time on tasks that fail to make the best use of your time and skill level is ineffective. Let’s face it, it’s hard to run a business, with the myriad of assorted activities you must do yourself and still find time to write, let alone write well.

Many of the firm/practice owners tell me they are very aware of the importance of maintaining their websites as current as possible; not to mention staying in contact with their most valued clients and patients. But these same professionals share that many times writing a blog post, targeted email, or website update gets dropped to the bottom of the pile because it was the one thing they felt could wait. I have found that most business owners have this happens more often than they would like.

Guess what? It’s hurting your business.

  • As a freelance writer, I write with a specific purpose in mind – to engage with your target market, to hook their interest in what you’re offering, leading to content that converts and increases sales — which leads to increased bottom line for you (also known as return on investment) .
  • I help you zero in on your target niche and engage with them on a deeper level.
  • Consistently published, well-written, blog content is important in order for your site to stay relevant. This leads to a constantly growing customer base, which leads to increased revenue.

Time is your most precious commodity and it’s often in very short supply. When it comes to producing good content for your website, targeted emails, press releases, newsletters, special reports and booklets, white pages, etc. there is a better and more cost-effective and productive way.

HOW I WORK AS A FREELANCE WRITER:  We first meet via the phone to discuss your needs; then, we perform analysis & identify points for improvement.

First, I consult with clients for free (the conversations generally last anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes). I find that if the client hasn’t been able to do anything in the form of client retention, it’s like trying to eat an elephant in one bite. I evaluate their most pressing need(s), and then I give them suggestions to turn their massive undertaking into small, bite-sized, manageable bits. At which point, if they would like my help, I will gladly do that.

HOW MUCH DO I CHARGE AS A FREELANCE WRITER?:  As I mentioned above, many people I speak with need a lot of help with their site’s content (blogs or articles), special reports, white pages, newsletters, or the creation of articles that appear in magazines, etc.; so, much depends on the size  and intricacies of the project(s) at hand. Therefore, I provide three options my clients really like and appreciate; I offer rates per hour, per word, or per project.

To establish my clients’ “expert status” in their geographic area, I also create highly targeted client/patient retention books and special reports for my clients. For example, I helped my client (who is an accountant) to develop a “need-specific” book providing key strategies to maximize the benefits of creating an LLC. I also helped one of my periodontist clients to create an e-book for her clients with diabetes on how to take care of their gums and reduce bleeding. Still another, I created for a chiropractor who specializes in treating animals, and their need was to create a booklet they could leave with prospective clients on the benefits of chiropractic care for their animals. Yet, for another client, we created a need-specific book including a series of successful case studies which she shared with prospects and key members of business groups with similar concerns.

WHO I AM: My background and experience is in national and international marketing and advertising. Both as a marketing coach and as a freelance writer, I have assisted scores of practices to create compelling, persuasive, and engaging content to attract new clients and patients . 

I primarily write about helping businesses market themselves, whether entrepreneurs or start-ups, enterprises, and everything in between. For nearly 3 decades, I have worked almost exclusively within the medical industry crafting and orchestrating captivating content. Since 1996, I have written hundreds of articles for many national and regional business-to-business publications (to date, over 103 published nationally). I have easily written as many blogs and written 11 books. I have also successfully written hundreds of articles, blogs, targeted email efforts, and reputation enhancement campaigns, etc. for a great many business owners.


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