Medical Marketing


Branding: Choosing You Instead of Everyone Else!

Working hard but still invisible in business?  Check out this field-tested strategy for standing in a noisy world. Too often practice owners do what everyone else does to get more patients.  They [doctors] advertise in the same place (frequently, right next to their competitors; and generally say the same things. One of the first rules …

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Becoming a patient magnet

20 Steps to Becoming a Patient Magnet

Becoming a patient magnet isn’t mysterious or magical — it takes logic, planning & follow-through. There is one undeniable business fact; everyone wishes to be successful! How you attain success has many interpretations. In the end, success is the most coveted prize! I recently read an article about attracting more clients. Strangely enough, the article …

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More and Better Patients

5 Proven Strategies for Attracting More and Better Patients

For centuries, successful professionals have known that competing on price is a slippery slope. Fact, there will always be someone willing to undercut prices for their services. Plus, competing on price alone does not build patient loyalty.

We live in a world where your patients have more options than ever before! You must build and magnify your business on patient loyalty. Few doctors realize that patients are loyal to doctors and not to practices.