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Branding: Choosing You Instead of Everyone Else!

Working hard but still invisible in business?  Check out this field-tested strategy for standing in a noisy world. Too often practice owners do what everyone else does to get more patients.  They [doctors] advertise in the same place (frequently, right next to their competitors; and generally say the same things. One of the first rules …

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Becoming a patient magnet

20 Steps to Becoming a Patient Magnet

Becoming a patient magnet isn’t mysterious or magical — it takes logic, planning & follow-through. There is one undeniable business fact; everyone wishes to be successful! How you attain success has many interpretations. In the end, success is the most coveted prize! I recently read an article about attracting more clients. Strangely enough, the article …

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“Secrets” for Creating Powerful Ads

“Secrets” for Creating Powerful Ads

Your goal needs to be to have predictable results every time you run an ad. Your ad must be a salesperson in print, online, on the radio, in the television ad, etc. A weak or non-existent headline works as a highly skilled and master saboteur against your advertising effort!

Unless your display ad convinces a client to pick up the phone and call you or come into your office, your ads are useless.