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Business enhancement Strategies

Business enhancements

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We are committed to the business enhancement and growth of all our professional clients. For nearly 3 decades we helped our clients build their businesses, strengthen their public platform and help them create robust reputations in their area, and convert more prospects into long-term client relationships. Plus, we deliver materials to our clients that assist them, their sales associates, and Association members to help them get more business.

To date, our business growth and development articles have been featured in over 103 regional and national trade publications, we have written hundreds of articles and blogs, and have written 12 books, focused on business enhancement.

Our commitment to business enhancement includes helping our clients become leading experts in their geographical area. One of the best ways to achieve this is by creating our clients’ author status — i.e. increase their visibility, credibility, and brand with a book, case study, or special report(s).

The only reason you get up early in the morning, get dressed and fight traffic, and open your doors is to be as successful as possible. In a world of finite available clients/patients, you have to do everything you can to separate yourself from your competition.

Being an author instantly delivers to you an “expert aura”; which immediately catapults you ahead of your competition (a.k.a. “the pack”).  Plus, according to the American Psychiatric Association, the average American is exposed to over 3,000 unique marketing messages; your book allows you to speak directly to prospects in your niche in an open and non-threatening way, in a nearly undivided attention zone for about an hour.  

A book is one of the best tools to reinforce your viewpoints and message. And by sharing your beliefs, you create the glue that bonds you with your clients.  Your book is a direct marketing tool that generates publicity and builds credibility all at the same time. A book also allows you to multiply yourself, and be in several places at once,

Sharing your message with clients has benefits; your client/patient continues to talk about you. They will tell their best friend, their mom, their daughter to ‘read this book, and get her services.’ The book starts that natural organic marketing that your customers do for you. 

Further, a book stands the test of time. Our society’s reverence for books means we don’t throw them away.

Below are a few examples of what we have created for our clients (click on the books to read material).

Very often, we assist firms in creating “sponsored” business growth books (a.k.a., which features your firm’s logo and company information). This coaching material is created specifically to assist their sales representatives or association members increase the amount of business they generate and receive.  Below, are brief illustrations of the materials we provide.

Business Growth: Top Secrets For Attracting The Best Patients In Your Area – As with any business, in order to keep your doors open, you need a steady and ongoing stream of patients. The above statement seems very obvious; however, the million-dollar question is “How do I attract more prospects to my practice; then, how do I convert those prospects into patients; finally, how do I retain those patients for many years of ongoing healthcare?” This is the newest book in our expanding series of single-problem/single-solution marketing strategies playbook course. In this book, we focus on increasing your clinic’s traffic. You will also learn how to become a patient magnet, and how to retain your best patients for years of valuable services. Enjoy!

Authority Branding: Attract And Convert More Patients – The fact is, no business survives without Authority brandinga steady stream of clientele, and the medical industry is no different! This book is the newest in our single-problem/single-solution series of proven marketing strategies. Within the pages of this book, we aim to teach Doctors how to build and enhance their authoritative credibility; in the process, they will develop superior methods for attracting and converting more patients. On a daily basis, far too many opportunities for clinic’s profitability are left on the table. Therefore, we have designed this piece to take advantage of the available resources either through traditional or social media. Like every business, market domination is the goal, but understanding your market is the key — this is precisely what you will learn in this book. Enjoy!

Advertising Strategies: Step by Step Guide For Successful Branding – The primary purpose of branding yourself and your practice has to do with patient loyalty and shared values. The recognition and elevation that a strong brand builds upon itself which lends themselves towards greater patient loyalty (which directly affects your referrals and lead generation campaigns). Patients are attracted to brands [you] that they share values with and they make psychological connections. When you build a strong brand, you need to convey these values to build an emotional connection with patients.
This e-book provides time and field-tested strategies to enhance your brand and your reputation. Our goal is to convert your practice into the “go-to” medical practice in your county.  


Content Marketing: Tapping into the psyche of your prospects – What makes you better than the Content Marketingcompetition in your patients’ minds? According to Warren Buffett, “Any business that enjoys a durable competitive advantage is likely to have a long history of profitability.” You must be able to emphasize, with clarity, the benefit you provide to your target market that’s better than the competition! That’s your competitive advantage. It’s a shame that far too many doctors don’t approach their business as it really is. There seems to be an attitude that merely by hanging their shingle over their door, patients will come! In a crowded marketplace every time a clinic gains a new patient, someone else loses one! This single-problem/single solution book has a sole purpose: to show you how you can keep your patients (both current and past) from jumping ship. As we go along, you will also learn to attract more patients and increase your clinic’s traffic and profits.

Patient Buying Cycles: clinic success equals increasing your traffic, converting each lead, and retaining more patients! The sole purpose Patient Buying Cyclesof advertising is to say to the world “Hey, I’m here and ready to serve your needs!”  Also, the only point of sending periodic notes to your patients is to give them information they want!  Successful and predictable marketing shouldn’t be some random thing that is merely thrown together.  You want to provide information that compels. Why? Because reliable and authoritative content builds loyalty within your patient base.  The more fidelity you build, the more consistent business you can count on, and the greater the referral possibilities.  Providing valuable tips, in easy to understand portions, on the topics your patients need, you create that allegiance. In a world where your competitors are only a click away, customer loyalty really is the new marketing.  

Practice enhancement: clinic success equals more traffic, conversion and long-term retention. 4 proven tips to make your Business enhancementadvertising soar, and 9 essential techniques for attracting the “best” patients. Are you missing those key signs that have kept you from increasing your medical practice’s profits? In the daily rush of building and maintaining a successful medical practice, we often miss those subtle signs that transform a practice from merely surviving to one that is thriving! Traditionally, the generally accepted formula of building a lucrative practice has consisted in putting your head down and grinding from morning ’til night, and repeat the following day.
Well, that’s one method… However, a superior plan for reaching success comes identifying each patient’s unique buying cycle which increase a medical practice’s profits — this book delivers many effective business strategies that will increase your practice’s profitability; but more importantly, they will build deeper and better patient relationships.

Thank You, from the bottom of my heart! Although my practice is doing extremely well now, there was a time when I really thought my doors were going to close.” You found several untapped profit centers that I completely overlooked. Thanks to your streamlined systems, the new patients, referrals, and profits poured in. Thanks a million,
Dr. James Timmoney

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