Becoming a patient magnet

20 Steps to Becoming a Patient Magnet

Becoming a patient magnet isn’t mysterious or magical — it takes logic, planning & follow-through.

There is one undeniable business fact; everyone wishes to be successful! How you attain success has many interpretations. In the end, success is the most coveted prize!

I recently read an article about attracting more clients. Strangely enough, the article targets the photographic industry. However, the key points made in the article are entirely compatible with success within the Chiropractic industry (as well as every other business model).

In this blog piece, you will learn how to attract more patients or clients to your business using time-tested and proven strategies. Incidentally, I am writing this article in response to several of my chiropractic clients (though, as mentioned at the onset, the marketing principles apply widely).  

The article (of which I refer to above) appears, and is titled “ How to become a client magnet in five steps .” The key point of the article deals with one’s mindset.

As a doctor, you endured many years of study and competition, and you strove to excel which is a testament to your tenacity and success orientation. However, even the most
dedicated DC, can at times lose sight of the details for developing a thriving practice. Let’s face it; the best game plan is the world is rendered useless if not implemented!

The article claims that 80%’s of the secret of success and implementing business growth tactics lies in conquering one’s mind. Thus, the first rule every Chiropractor needs to
adhere to is that they must overcome issues like:

● Now is not the time; let’s do it tomorrow.
● But that’s weird no one else is doing that, why should I do that?
● How come other people have lots of patients? Etc.

So to achieve your goals, get new patients, and retain your existing patient base, you must experience a shift in your mindset, and conquer yourself when procrastinating!

● Set a goal to book 30 appointments this month.
● Find and implement a couple of tactics on how to achieve your goals.
● Be realistic about how much time is involved in executing each tactic.
● Plan your week.
● Execute on it

* It’s a noisy world out there, and your voice must resonate above the clamor and the clatter! Your message must stand out, both in content and applicability; and just as important, your brand must be elevated.

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Without a constant and predictable stream of patients, your clinic’s doors can’t stay open!

Therefore, every piece of promotional material that you send out must feature essential
items. Whether targeting new patients or retaining current ones, the goal is to be noticed above Becoming a patient magneteverything else your patients receive on a regular basis: A compelling headline, an informative subhead, a tantalizing message that appeals to a patient’s self-interests, the statement featuring your uniqueness, a persuasive offer, and testimonials.

Additionally, if you wish to be a patient magnet, your message must have these components:

II. Carve out your identity. Go through your current lists of patients and figure out what segment your base patients represent. One of the biggest mistakes that most clinics make is that they try to be all things to all people ( generalists). A key to business success is identifying your niche — a particular specialty or narrow market segment.

III. Once you carve out your niche, otherwise known as your brand, you begin your campaign to become the local expert. Focus all of your promotion and presence around your brand, for example: if your specialty lies within prenatal treatment, then your focus will now be to be known in your entire geographical area as the chiropractor who specializes in working with expectant moms.

IV. This next strategy builds off of these first two. Once you clearly define your target market, analyze the characteristics of your patients. Commit yourself, and all your
promotions, to provide effective and efficient information that exactly matches the interests of those who buys services from you.

Multiple Direct Response advertising studies have shown us that up to 95% of all ads are written to target only 5% of the intended audience it hopes to convert to prospect status.

V. Target your marketing message for the “right audience.” To gain a competitive advantage, you need to concentrate your attention on those members of your audience who have already used the services you provide!

VI. Focus your promotion towards those people who believe in, swear by, and continually use and refer others to your services. They account for the largest source of annual receipts.

VII. Scores of leading advertising studies confirm that this pool of “disciples” accounts for nearly 95% of all services sold annually.

VIII. This group of prospects that have used your service before, accounts for such depth, that it doesn’t make much sense to focus your advertising efforts in any other place.

IX. Careful patient promotion becomes critical since there are so many recipients of medical care that simply aren’t being properly serviced to meet their individual needs.

X. Your task is to reward (or incentivize) those dissatisfied patients and reward them
for taking immediate action (by contacting you).

XI. You will apply the same methods for your current patients. You now understand who you’re targeting and what they’re seeking ( via your content ), which gives you a competitive advantage!

Patient magnets learn that the content they provide within their marketing is crucial!

There are no shortages of articles discussing “content marketing;” but, no one is saying what that means. Until you understand what exactly content marketing is, you will have a
difficult time becoming a patient magnet!

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When discussing the topic of client targeting, content is everything! But what is content marketing? The best Becoming a patient magnetand most concise explanation that I have come across came from Robert Rose when he wrote ” Traditional marketing and advertising are telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world that you are one .”

XII. Your content defines your brand. Everything you write, promote, or say in any of
your promotions must be laser-focused on your particular patient’s needs and interests.

XIII. The content you provide should also be available to your patients in a written format. For example, if your practice treats a large number of elderly patients, then creating
a series of special reports and booklets ( in large font ) regarding stretching and physical care as one ages, this would go a long way towards building your brand and
ensuring pass-along-value of your written material.

XIV. Your local expert status depends on your ability to write, and provide valuable and current information ( content ).

XV. Your content will also prove very beneficial to your social media campaign.

XVI. Your social media campaigns are exceptional for letting the community know of your outside interests. To illustrate, if you are heavily involved in local animal
shelter issues or environmental issues, then your “social” presence draws like-minded patients to your practice.

XVII. Over the last two decades, multiple sources point to shifts in consumer perception of advertising. Clinics no longer draw in patients; it’s the people work inside.

XVIII. Your content identifies you as an interesting person, with varied interests, and an available local resource.

XIX. 95% of your business comes from “disciples!” Your written content allows for greater referrals via pass along marketing; it is easier for like-minded friends to share vital information through casual conversations about your service.

XX. Superior content, because of its extended shelf-life, allows you to share your message universally, and be in several places at one time ( an impossible feat for one person ) more than any other medium. All this increases your return on investment!

To conclude, becoming a patient magnet requires critical ingredients! You must recognize that a change must occur in your current business development strategy. You must take
action. Additionally, your message must be like a three-legged stool consisting of a strong headline, a focused brand, and excellent content!

All this said, maybe writing is not your thing; or, you’re too busy to stay on top your content, create advertising and promotional pieces that actually attract patient, or to create business-growth touchpoint materials to build loyalty. I can help you with all of that!

I invite you to call me. Let’s talk; no pressure, we’ll uncover some of your most pressing needs.  If my proposed solutions make sense, we move forward — if not, we will shake hands and part as friends.

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