Our Mission: Business professionals the world over need to connect and communicate with their clientele --- sadly, many cannot! We will do that for you.

I am a marketing strategist. For nearly 3 decades of national and international advertising experience; a bit more about my services, I have worked primarily with doctors, attorneys, and accountants (though I have helped a great many other business professionals with their business growth needs as well). I teach them how to:

*) Increase their traffic, 
*) Convert more prospects into clients and/or patients,
*) Retain those clients and/or patients for many years of continued, additional services.       

Claudio GormazI have observed that most promotional efforts are approached backwards; and it is the client [advertiser] who ends up taking all the risk. Therefore, it is my endeavor/dream to create more success driven and predictable platforms for each marketing effort.  

To illustrate my previous point, I notice that a lot of people’s advertising, websites, messaging is ill-conceived — they don’t connect. People make psychological connections to things they relate to and understand. Thus, if they can identify, they remember a good story.  So, I tell your story; and, I convert the complexity of what you do into interesting, relatable, and compelling narratives.

I create bridges and awareness. Marketing is about developing connections. So, the more connections you make the greater your chances of developing fruitful, predictable, and profitable promotional messages, elevating your branding, creating your authority status and becoming the “go-to” professional in your area, etc.’

You may be thinking, so …

Summit Marketing Strategies

I help small businesses find their voice, build their brand and close deals, leaving owners [you] more time to focus on growing their business and nursing important client relationships. I have found the right freelance marketer is a must for small businesses looking to stand out from competitors and take their business to the next level.

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